Holy Cow

title speaks for itself


India, amirite?

So, let me get this straight. The girl’s dad and uncle stabbed her to death because she was going to run away with a 22 year old guy. The only animal willing to help her was a cow?

And an unnamed “youngster” also died.

Ok then…

Looks like the cow was trying to protect its calf…

The hero cow:

Thinking the calf might of had something to do with it… Nah, more likely the cow cared about the girl.

What has happened to this country. It is just sad!

I hope girl is fine now… fucking upsetting to see these things and call myself Indian.


Justice at last!

she is dead

These morons should be hanged to death.

Police is a joke in India.

Clearly, the solution is to have all Indian police departments staffed with cows. Your moove, rapists…

why is it a joke?

Lol, I actually chuckled at this.

In all likelihood this is the most plausible explanation. However, the calf leaves the frame of the picture just before a man enters and pulls one of the attackers off. The cow proceeds to enter the frame and gets violent upon the retaliation of the original assailant. It would not surprise me if the person who entered the frame later was responsible for feeding and general care of the cow. Cows (and Pigs) are quite intelligent that way, much like Dogs. It is also lamentable that the rise of dumbed down internet trolls willing to spread clickbait articles that have zero value-add furtherng their revenue is one of the factors that has led to garbage like the Daily Mail and the Sun becoming some of the most prominent players in the news industry reducing the need to rely on actual meaningful journalism.

Well, considering your location at some point of your life was Ukraine and presumably you did not live with your head buried in the fucking sand, I have to conclude that ths is another unsophisticated attempt at trolling.

Nevertheless, giving you the benefit of doubt, it is simple, much like Ukrainian police - an understaffed, underpaid organization and the continued increase in gap b/w the private and public sector has left them very prone to corruption. Nothing on the level of Ukrainian (or now Russian) Berkut but for the right price certain people can ‘misplace’ the initial report delaying justice in an already bottle-necked system.

Basically, Steven Avery on Cocaine.


Which state has this?

wow that’s tragic!