Holy crap. Long Netflix!

Did you know about this?



I’m still short NTFLX by jan 2015

Shorting this stock was one of my best trades ever. Not gonna go there again. There’s gotta be a name for that type of bias: got luck once, don’t want to risk a perfect record.

I’ll be honest, pretty excited for new AD. Not so excited about going long NFLX. Feels like gambling.

Yea, can’t wait for this, AD is incredible.

They also did House of Cards which is really good.

Well, “long Netflix” was more of a rhetorical statement. I do think exclusive content is good for Netflix though. If done correctly, it will help differentiate them from their increasing competition.

I think it’s good too, but since they release the whole season at once, I would be concerned that without enough other content to keep people happy in between releases, you may get people who sign up for a month or two, watch everything they want, then cancel. The company said that not many people did that, but it would be a concern for me if I were invested in it

Will help, I just don’t think they can compete with the amount of other’s exclusive contracts… in the long-run. And anybody can offer the streaming platform.

I see netflix as becoming strictly a content provider like stars or HBO by 2016… a much smaller co. than we see today. Their content will be offered on OTHER streaming platforms… probably on one-- as everyone int he streaming plaatform industry is rushing to sign exclusive content contracts w content creators.

Completely priced in. I’ve known about it for months.

How did you not know about this? It’s been in the works, literally, for years.

I bearish on NFLX but I would not dare short it considering the momo’s ramping up this stock. Cash flow is negative and off balance sheet liabilities seem a bit sketch for me.

Hah, damn. That trailer looks way better than I expected it to come out like. Figured everybody was gonna be old and saggy, but naw it’s just lucille.