Holy goodness...auto-correlation can't possibly be on there

this part is beastly! reading and analysing the whole chapter is *NOT* a productive use of time. just learn the basic methodologies (i.e. is the t-values high/low? is there auto-correlation? ).

I beg to differ suck it up, and if you need, there’s a hose at back to wash that sand out if your vag.

lol. whoa.

what do you mean “sand out my vag”?

dinesh said thanks for the screenshots

boston_level2_candidate Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what do you mean “sand out my vag”? Itchy and scratchy

dinesh hasn’t thanked me yet, but many others have. yeah, and i’m skipping the auto-correlation part, for the small part.

^ because I have not yet received them boston :frowning: