holy **** my boyz. we dont need to learn other languages. google translation earbuds.


As someone who is trilingual, google translate is terrible. Google translate is best for people who have a good understanding of a language and need help figuring out how to say something. This is really cool, but it’s going to cause even awkward more situations.

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As long as it can translate a simple action involving orifices and state a desired price, counter offer, and final offer then its gold.

Google, in Vietnamese please translate, “What do we get for 10 dollars?”


Throw in an app that uses the camera to tell you based on face structure whether its a dude or a chick then Pixel is winner. GOOG all da way!

How did you bypass the filter in your subject? Not asking as a mod. Don’t care. Just curious.

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Holy fucking shit why am I getting filtered then?

i just typed normally. i didnt do anything.

Am I the only one who read “fuckboys”?

Test: fuck

Edit: Nope, I’m still censored.

No worries, gents: I fixed the title.

Yo S2000 - Are you actually an admin? That’s a whole other level above boardmember/forum editor/moderator. As far as I knew there were only two admins, Chad and that AF Developer dude.

Given your penchant for being pedantic, it was curious to see you use that title.

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I’d rather it be awkward than not being able to get any ideas across.