Holy S

Completed my reading and took 50 problem test and scored 21/50 i.e 42%. It looks like an uphill battle now on. Kinda pissed and scared. I don’t have in me to retake it if I fail. I need luck to play decent part if so I can pass.

Is this your first 50 questions? And are they questions from Kaplan? Well I have been doing OK on the multiple choice, but just getting my a$$ handed to me by the essays. I left most of the essay questions from Schweser and the Qbank until now. I am now officially freaking out thinking I didn’t leave myself enough time. The amount of lists and “steps in the process” that you have to memorize cold is mind numbing. I thought I had this exam in the bag and I am just now realizing it is going to come down to the wire.

yes first 50 questions from Uppermark and that too MCQ. I haven’t even tried any Essay questions yet. Will start from tomorrow.

I would get on the essays. Not sure how you study, but for me it was enlightening. Things I thought I knew, just in terms of lists and steps, I really don’t know well enough. If they asks for lists or steps, I am just not getting as many of them as I would have thought and it is taking a long time for me to pull them out of my head.

took one more and scored 58%. Missed 2-3 easy ones so close to 65%. Just want to bring myself close to 75 before d-day.

I am about 65% of the way through the question bank and averaging 74% overall. My more recent results have definitely skewed higher as I have been picking up more of the material. Going to run out of Qbank questions soon and I am a little ticked off that the Core Topics book contains no questions.