home-builder financing ?

For those of you with ties to an industry- what is the typical structure of a home-builders credit? Question being: if one is currently in the market for new construction that is not selling as quickly as the builder would hope, are they really in a great position negotiation-wise? I assume these projects are not cash ventures and that the builder has an immense carrying costs (tax, interest, etc.) as long as they continue to hold the inventory, but as far as they interest goes- are they typically adjustable rates (meaning they are screwed in the current environment) or are they usually fixed? I would assume a smart company would have these types of things hedged, but since they are such long-term projects maybe they are f’ed anyway. Just wondering how much pull a consumer may have.

I don’t know exactly but I would bet big on adjustable rate credit facilities. This is definitely a buyer’s market if you can get financing.