Homeless dude..

survives by picking up women every night! Once the bubble that is corporate America bursts, all wall street BSDs should learn a thing or two from this bloke.


mods free to delete my thread, didnt see this one

He looks neat and clean for a homeless.

But now he has been exposed and women will know he is the guy. Also, all the previous women will realize they did some hobo.

I didn’t open the link, but my friends and I have often thought of doing a Vegas trip with an airline ticket only. You close the deal or you sleep on a penny slot machine.

^ Go big or go home.

I did not see one HCB in that video.

He looks like Javier Bardem

^ with a slightly lighter wallet.

I am just wondering about his hygiene, when was the last time he has showered? how could he get laid with the forest of di** cheese that is in his pants! you can’t camouflage you homelessness with 2 complimentary sprays of deodorant and cologne every now and then.

Dick - Sink - Dunk - Rinse - Repeat - Fun

He mentioned he spent 4 nights a week at a random chick’s place.

The ponzi of all ponzi schemes

Why do all links from WSO end up over here

So how long until the guy is like this:


How easy do women have to be to sleep with this bum?

This guy is a tool. It doesn’t seem like he wants to change his situation at all. He just keeps a slightly healthier exterior. I wonder if his cleanliness help or hurts his panhandling?

Did you see any of these women? 3s and 4s.