Homepage and personal e-mail (and browser)

Just curious to see what everybody’s is.

Both my home page and my e-mail is Yahoo. But I’m thinking about switching to Gmail.

I dont have a home page it just pops up a window of my 6 most used sites, use gmail. Love yahoo for random news as they put up random stuff that I wouldn’t normally see.

Next you’ll say you are using AOL. Gmail hasn’t been invite only in a decade or more bro!

Same here

go for gmail.

ask jeeves, hotmail


Pleats and Yahoo. Do you use Netscape Navigator for a browser?

I started using Yahoo in 2000, when I got my first e-mail address. I didn’t know much about the internet at the time. I had just graduated from Marine boot camp.

I remember talking to my platoon sergeant one day. He said, “I wake up. Get dressed. Stop at the library and check my e-mail. Then I come to work.” I thought to myself, "That’s dumb. Who checks their e-mail every single day?"

I also use IE 11. Don’t know why. Again, that’s just the “default” setting.

Chrome bro.

We should just have an Educate Greenman thread where we update all aspects of your life

You guys only use Yahoo because Marissa is cute.

lesson 1 - diversity

lesson 2 - how to dress

Marissa is sexy.

Home page is google.com on chrome browser. Email is gmail. Phone is android, i.e. google.

Homepage - realultimatepower.net

Email - gmail

Search - altavista or lycos

My rage diary is on Tripod. My hopes and dreams are hosted on Angelfire.

Homepage is Yahoo for the stories and use gmail. I also have a Yahoo email, but that’s my spam account. Only allowed to use IE at work and barely go online at home.

newsmap.jp for homepage. Gmail for email

Netscape Navigator bro

Google, Gmail, Chrome, Android.

My ninja