Homos beware

The post was not against anyone but to raise awareness of Aids / HIV since it is a killer disease and no cure. It can unknowingly spread to future children.


Look AFers there is still someone who don’t know how HIV spreads and some say block this thread.

And that’s why you named this thread “homos beware”?

lol, so you’re posting a thread on a predominantly US based forum with probably zero gay members warning homosexual men that HIV has gone up 3.5% in HK so that said homosexual men don’t spread the infection to children?

You do know that 2 men can’t conceive together don’t you?

He could mean homosapiens?

Hey, don’t forget the Canucks.

OK, so there are 262 new HIV infections this year. A 3.5% increase over last year.

So last year there were 262/(1 - 0.035) = or 252.8 or about 253 new infections.

Thus there are 9 more infections uncovered this year than last year, maybe 10.

9 or 10 new infections sounds a lot like statistical noise in a population of 7 million. Are you sure it’s time to raise the flag of fear??

(and there are - or at least were - gay members on this forum. Maybe they aren’t as out as they used to be)

hahah good stuff TRH.

Dal does claim to be in HK, so maybe this is a relevant, important issue to him.

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Relax, he’s being facetious…

That’s a new word I learned today, “facetious”.

I only started using this word after hearing Jay-Z.

This thread hasn’t been nuked yet? WTf!

What is this Russia?

“Leave the ball, will ya George? Thank you.”

Greenman, we are like movie brothers. Nice work.