Homos beware



Hong Kong has reported a record 262 new HIV infections in the first half of the year.

The cases marked a 3.5 per cent rise compared with the same period in 2012.

A consultant with the Centre for Health Protection, Dr Wong Ka-hing, said the infection rate between “men who have sex with men” – a category know as M-S-M – was high.

i’m sure Hong Kong’s “homos” would appreciate your concern.

^ I believe they prefer to be called “fags.” “Homo” is insensititve.

How common is chick on chick infection ?

Seriously? There should be a report button added to AF for posts like this. I know the tone here is pretty casual but I don’t think we should allow it to descend to this level or the site will lose all value.

actually “fag” and “homo” are pretty commonplace on the board. the experiment is whether an unacceptable racial slur would also be tolerated.

CFA vs MBA drops those all the time and gets away with it. And he’s just a white guy pretending to black. Unlike Bchad who is a black guy pretending to be white.

No homo?

Can we use the term “gaywad”?

For a site dedicated to intellectual pursuits, with people who argue athletes don’t deserve college, this thread shows the true AF!

It’s a tough decision whether to delete this thread or just let the asses on this forum show their true colors.

Personally, I prefer if the community pushes back, like Carson did, rather than be the one who presses the nuke button.

lol funny thought


I clicked hoping this thread had something to do about saving the human race. Instead it reinforced my beliefs that Dal sucks.

As long as this kind of stuff does not make it to the serious boards like CFA, CAIA, FRM, Careers, or Investments…I think it’s OK to discuss and argue with the insensitivity here…tis a little funny and it’s the water cooler. Not saying I agree with what is said but freedom of speech right? And this is how we get news…now you know if you go to Hong Kong and you is gay, well be careful…also be careful if you’re straight because there could be a number of bisexuals infecting the girls.

AF is not a government agency, and words like “ch*nk” or “n*gg*r” and “f*g” are not political speech (except to the extent that it is used to incite others, which is not protected).

I don’t have an issue with posting the news report.

I’m not sure where “homo” sits on the epithet scale. To me, it doesn’t sound as harsh as the N-word, but the thread title does have a sneering overtone that should be out of place here.

You can dump a deuce on your living room floor while everyone is watching and call it “artistic expression” and “freedom of speech,” but you still shouldn’t do it in public, and particularly not in somoene else’s home. AF is a place where you can participate, but it is not “your space” to do whatever the cr@p you feel like between faps.

^ Quit pretending that you’re white, Bchad.

What I find most comical is the way the thread was titled. The article is not really saying anything that people don’t know already: homosexual men have a higher chance to get HIV. I just think the presentation of this common knowledge in such an overdone way is like reigniting the red scare for gay people.

This is the only reason to save this thread, because this comment is funny.

Agree with Sweep, this thread doesn’t even make sense. I mean, is this the '80s or early '90s? I didn’t know that any news outlets even reported on HIV anymore. So, here we have a news story that is irrelevant to anybody really (3.5% increase…WTF does that even mean) posted in a thread with a title that doesn’t even makes sense. The article doesn’t even say anything specific about HIV infection in the gay population other than that it “was high”.

I think Dal was high when he posted this. Or, just trying way too hard to be funny and falling on his face. Dumbest thing I’ve seen in on here in a while.


Careful, CT, o Ima gone get medieval on yo azz.

What happened to the term “Gay Bob”?