hong kong going crazy! china mobilizes.

a beautiful army in china is massing up in shenzhen ready to put down this hong kong phooey.


imo hong kong making a big mistake. no one will lift a finger to help them.

It seems more likely China would exercise some sort of economic sanction on HK first limiting their ability to function as a financial hub, but who knows.

I don’t think China will actually send those troops into Hong Kong, due to the sensitive international politics environment at the moment. They are probably there as a show of force. Hong Kong is a cash cow for China anyway; they probably don’t want to destabilize the economy if they are not forced to.

The thing is though, that China’s regime is designed to last a long time, and they will remember these riots. After this all subsides, China will surely implement some secret controls to increase its future grip on Hong Kong.

hong kong is not as important to china as it once was. back in 2000, hong kong was 15% of gdp. now its about 2% even though they grew gdp from 150b to 300b. thats how crazy china’s growth’s been.

ppl in hong kong will always revolt since they enjoy a higher standard of living with more freedom than mainland chinese.

i guess timing is really the issue. but the wise man does at the beginning what the fool does in the end.

America is meddling in the region (HK, Taiwan), same as it is doing in every other region on the planet.

Erm, yeah. That’s kind of America’s thing. Hopefully they step it up and put further restrictions on Huawei.

I have no problem with America stepping in. One country, two systems until 2047. Being from HK myself, I do not relate at all to mainlanders.

america did not become great by meddling in the affairs of others. it became great by staying away from it and mopping up whats left.

he said xi said


What would AF be without a resident China bot…

^ I think it’s PA.

You’re in HK? I spent my summers as a child growing up in HK!!! We had an apartment in Repulse Bay (the big apartment complex with the giant square hole in it that’s off the road to Stanley mkt). I miss HK very much and I gotta tell you it’s really sad what’s happening.

Maggie Thatcher is rolling in her grave.

What would AF be if it had objective analysts instead of brainwashed nationalists?

Doesnt that make you a brainwashed nationalist?

You damn commie

I was born there. Immigrated to Canada in '97. I’m going back for Christmas this year to visit family. My grandmother on my mom’s side is still alive so after she passes, I probably won’t have a reason to go back.

Century of Asia, the West is collapsing, and this “analyst forum” resident can’t think of a reason to go back.

come on dude. A great dinner at Dan Ryan’s is only a $4,000.00 ticket away!

i wouldnt say west is collapsing. i would just say that the east is rising a lot faster and will very likely eclipse the west. id be proud of my identity if i was chinese. they have accomplished so much.

Can’t argue with this. Mainlanders don’t have manners (eg. Chinese tourists in other countries). But on a personal level, I’m lucky enough that my family aren’t living in rat sized apartments.

Sure there may be more money in the east, but I’ve been in Canada since I was 7 and the values, culture, mannerisms, etc. are just different.