Hope for the best, Expect the worst.

If you happen to fail, how many of you would not consider rewritting the exam?

I will still rewrite the exam if I failed. I will even be more prepared then. But I HOPE to pass. I am not busting my #ss for fun.

Difficult one, I hate failing at anything, so will cross that bridge… Depends how you approach the exam, I have only used CFA books and vol 1 Schweser test book (cheap on ebay!) If I were to approach it again, I would have started 3 months earlier and used more resources, on line lectures, Q bank etc…so if I do arrive with the fearful outcome, I have learnt that my approach may not have been optimal…hopefully this will not be the case. I have to say though, I am impressed with everyone on here,reading the material and going straight into the mocks with potentially passing scores,part of my learning curve is getting to grips with the style of questions and what is actually being asked! On the basis that the pass rates appear higher for levels 2 & 3, I think there must be quite a few weaker candidates weaded out (as it were) at this level, who do not continue with the program.

I will sit for Level I 3 times before i call it quits. but i’ve read all the CFAI stuff and have done ALL of the CFAI questions and have read the secret sauce and made my own outline and have the 1 month to review it all.