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Got this email. Currently, am happy with my job…thought would share this as some of you may find it useful. Recruiter’s contact information is at the bottom. I am NEITHER the recruiter NOR associated with him in anway:) "I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your early summer. Don’t mean to be a bother, but I am hoping you can provide me with some direction. Is there anyone whom you think may be a fit for the roles listed below? I sincerely thank you for your time. Enjoy the summer! Positions: 1) Portfolio Manager – Distressed Debt (London) - Multi BN Dollar Event Driven Distressed HF 2. Portfolio Manager’s – Long/Short (NYC, London, Hong Kong, Singapore) – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 3. Portfolio Manager’s – Global Macro (NYC, Boston) – Global leading Multi Strategy HF 4. Portfolio Manager’s – Distressed Debt, Fixed Income, Global Macro, Event Driven Equities (NYC, SF, Dallas, London) – Global leading Multi Strategy HF 5. Portfolio Manager – Long/Short (NYC) – 1 BN Dollar Long Short HF 6. Prop Trader’s – Long/Short, Event Driven (India, NYC) – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 7. Quant Analyst – Long/Short (LA) – Multi BN Dollar Long/Short HF 8. Analyst – Private Equity (NYC) - 5 BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 9. Analyst (Energy) – Long/Short (NYC) – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 10. Analyst (Healthcare) – Long/Short (Chicago) – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 11. Analyst (Financials) – Event Driven (NYC) – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 12. Analyst – Japanese Event Driven Equities (Hong Kong) – Needs: Risk/Merger Arbitrage, Fluent in Japanese – Global leading Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 13. Analyst’s – Deep Value/Event Driven (NYC, Hong Kong) – 3 BN Dollar Highly reputable Event Driven HF 14. Analyst (Consumer/Retail) – Multi Strategy (NYC) – Multi BN Dollar Top 10 HF 15. Analysts – Event Distressed (NYC, Hong Kong, Singapore) – Multi BN Dollar Event Driven Distressed HF 16. Analyst’s (2 Shorting Specialist) – Event Driven/Long Short (NYC) – Multi BN Dollar Global leading HF 17. COO – Long/Short (NYC) – Multi BN Dollar Long Short HF 18. COO – Event Driven HF (NYC) – Start up NYC HF 19. CFO – Multi Strategy (NYC) – Multi BN Dollar Multi Strategy HF 20. General Counsel – Distressed Debt (NYC) – Multi BN Dollar Distressed HF Opportunities A. Equity Partnership B. Management C. Large Book P&L Responsibility D. Carve Outs E. Generalist Roles F. Sector Specialist Roles G. Quant and Fundamental Investing H. CEO, CCO, CIO, CTO, COO, CFO, CSO, CRO, CAO I. Portfolio Managers J. Traders K. Analysts L. Marketers M. General Counsels Strategies A. Multi Strategy B. Event Driven C. Equity Long/Short D. Global Macro E. Risk Arbitrage F. Volatility Arbitrage G. Stat Arbitrage H. Convertible Arbitrage I. Capital Structure Arbitrage J. Merger Arbitrage K. Deep Value L. Quantitative M. Market Neutral Sectors A. Financial Services B. Structured Products C. Distressed Debt D. Asian Equities E. Global Equities F. Illiquid Investments G. Privates H. Fixed Income I. Real Estate J. Credit K. Special Situations L. Energy M. TMT N. Software, Internet O. Emerging Markets – Asia, Russia, LATAM P. High Yield Q. Healthcare R. Consumer Retail S. Industrials T. Utilities U. Technology V. Asia Dedicated Analysts W. India Dedicated Analysts X. Commodities Y. FX Locations A. New York B. London C. Paris D. Hong Kong E. Beijing F. Singapore G. Tokyo H. Shanghai I. Abu Dhabi J. Bombay K. Dubai L. Auckland M. Sydney N. Greenwich O. Stamford P. Chicago Q. LA R. San Francisco S. Long Island T. Miami U. Washington, D.C. V. Dallas W. Boston Update A. We now represent 35 world class hedge funds B. We come from Hedge Funds – Your DNA C. 24/7 operations – We source the world’s premier investment professionals D. Minimum 2 heads on all searches E. All Star reference list F. Team lift out specialists G. 100%Confidential – zero error tolerance H. Executive level target experts I. Global Reach – Asia, UAE, Americas, Pan Pacific, Europe J. 70* years experience in HF Industry K. 40* years experience in Tech for Investments Industry L. Hypothetical Mandate: 48 hours to produce our candidates to build credibility – trust is built in the product/people we deliver M. Infiltrators, not advertisers - infiltrating the competition for our clients N. Targeted Search – you are a client, candidate, or a target of someone we want to partner with as we go after the listeners, not the lookers – see Firm Goal below O. TPM service, we invest in hedge funds, we come from them and do not think of ourselves as vendors P. All of our candidates submit writing assignments and go through an extensive filtering process *cumulative 10X CANDIDATE GOAL: TO PRESENT INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS OPPORTUNITIES TOO EXCEPTIONAL TO PASS UP 10X CLIENT GOAL: TO ANTICIPATE THE NEEDS OF OUR CLIENTS BY BEING AHEAD OF ALL MARKET COMPETITORS AND FULFILLING THEIR NEEDS IN A TIME CRITICAL MANNER Thanks a lot for your time and consideration!!! Kind regards, Boris Ivanov Intelligence Analyst HEDGE SEARCH I - Unit A division of 10x Partners, LLC 500 Broome Street, Penthouse New York, NY 10013 boris@hedgesearch.net All communication is confidential. Resumes are not distributed without authorization. Clients are not revealed without authorization.



haha, I bet this guy will get hundreds of calls/emails.

Anyone else find that email kind of fishy?

I just got this email today and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I’m pasting the introduction that leads into the job description: "A day in the life… Walk in the door and grab a drink from the fully stocked fridge. Then, work for a few hours with an extremely bright and well educated staff. The next thing you know it’s time for lunch and today they’ve catered in an elaborate spread featuring barbequed chicken and pulled pork sandwiches. You may spend some time engaged in conversation with a company co-founder or a developer. The rest of the day will be spent providing valuable financial information to executives and interested investors. You’ll leave work in time for your co-ed kickball game, happy hour event or gym class and you look forward to finishing your project tomorrow. It’s just a day in the life of a Senior Financial Analyst. "