hope you all are doing good..

Visited AF after 3 months only to find out that any one who tries to troll here is considered to my alter ego.I just want to say that I am the same guy who started threads like 1)application of blue ocean/Maslow/heinsberg theories in finance and gave all of you thematic appreciation tests. .My threads had some meat in them unlike the trolls in AF…Any ways it was nice to visit AF again but its not as funny place as it used to be…bye everyone tc

how was L3 did you give and clear?

I failed l3…will come back strongly next yr.

This confirms my argument that Lakoot cannot possibly be RR because RR’s english is better.

(I also thought RR’s contributions were substantially higher quality on average, but didn’t feel like doing the work of providing evidence).

Though it is a little odd that RR appears right after this whole Lakoot episode. (They did say they knew each other, though).

Good luck on L3 next year. It is a tough exam.

Thanks bchad sir…but I don’t know lakoot…or anyone else from this forum…Providence CFA is the only guy I know personally from AF and ironically we both failed L3

after xray, kuramusho, and lakoot, RR is a net plus for the forum

rr are u still man crushin on srk?

C’mon Chad. The three of them, RR, Lakoot, and Xray refer to you as “bchad sir”. Who else does this? unless you have something in you that takes the guys back to Colonial era, “these three are one”; King James; 1 John 5.

How are the abs?

Pretty odd he posted right after lakoot said sayonara isn’t it

All Indians say sir after the name of someone they rever. Its a cultural thing that just sounds weird

So much for last post in WC…


And rahul, the water cooler seemed so much more pleasant the last couple of months…