hopefully this gives you confidence

hi yall,

level 3 candidate here lurking AF because im bored AF at my job (see what i did there?) lemme give yall some of my stats from L2 last year, hopefully this makes you feel better if you were a mid 60s schweser guy:

i took every single topic test (closed book, timed, exam like conditions) aggregate score of 306/450. thats a 67% on TTs. i took all 6 full-schwesers in the book, aggregate score of 499/720. thats a 69%.

on the real exam, per my scoring rubric, i scored anywhere between 84/120 and 108/120. thats between a 70 and 90%. so lets assume i got the midpoint of those two bands, and got a 96/120 or an 80%.

moral of the story is: the TTs and schwesers are both WAY HARDER than the real thing. itll never feel like that on gameday, as we all know. but i basically scored mid 60s on TTs, high 60s on schwesers, and yet…those mock scores “translated” into a high 70/low 80 on gameday.

If you were ripping 40+/60s on schweser, youll pass. if you were ripping 3/6s on TTs, that may not feel good, but you still have a decent shot of passing.

hope that helps!

Gun in my mouth, life on the line, I passed this exam. Not worried.

Thanks man… Hoping you’re right. I had the same experience for lvl I. Mid-60’s in shweser practice exams, did not feel great on exam day but results were closer to 90% percentile so all good there. For lvl 2 I was actually getting above 70% on the last 2 mocks (high 60s overall) but exam day was very tough… let’s see the outcome.

What you’ll find eventually are the truly “borderline” guys are the ones getting 36,37,38/60 on schwesers.

40/60 is the “.300 batting average”, so to speak. Above that consistently you’ll pass

Based on my experience, Schweser was a lot easier than CFAI mocks (For Level I and II). However, CFAI mocks (for Level I and II) were much harder than the real exam. For Level III, I found Schweser study material to be good, the QBank not so good due to weird wording of questions and suspicious answers. CFAI mocks for Level III were probably in line or slightly easier than the real exam, but due to exam day stress, real exam felt harder than everything else.