Hoping for a bit of reassurance just before the big day - how am I looking?

Hey all,

Seems like there is mixed signals looking at older posts as far as how various mocks compare to the difficulty of the real thing for Level II. Over the past month (including earlier this week) I took the CFAI Mock, 3 Schweser practice exams (Vol 1), and the Kaplan Live Mock exam, all timed and under exam like conditions. This is how I did (first attempt for all):

Kaplan Practice Exam 1: AM: 43/60, PM: 45/60

Kaplan Practice Exam 2: AM: 48/60, PM: 37/60

Kaplan Practice Exam 3: AM: 43/60, PM: 49/60

Kaplan Live Mock: AM: 41/60, PM: 44/60

CFAI Mock: AM: 43/60, PM: 43/60

This comes out to an average of ~73% for both AM and PM overall. The lowest individual score I had was 61.67% and the highest was 81.67% so obviously a huge range there… Then I used these exams to come up with base rates:

Ethics: 51/66 = 77.3%, FRA: 77/114 = 67.5%, Equity: 91/114 = 79.8%, FI: 44/60 = 73.3%, Deriv: 48/66 = 72.7%, Alt: 22/30 = 73.3%, PM: 26/36 = 72.2%, Quant: 18/30 = 60%, Econ: 18/30 = 60%, Corp: 41/54 = 75.9%.

Does it seem like I’m in okay shape? I plan to hit FRA CFAI TTS again, re-read Kaplan notes for ethics, go through my notecards + Kaplan quicksheet then maybe hit various TTS again until bed time (i.e. probably Econ and Quant and maybe some of the bigger ones if I have time). Thanks for the input and best of luck to everyone tomorrow!

I’d say that you’re looking pretty good.

Best of luck tomorrow!