Hoppy beverage of choice

Lockheed, this is disappointing on so many levels. Life is way too short to spend it with bad beer.

I like stuff from Germany, England/Scotland, and Belgium. Belgian ales are my favorite.

I like the Belgian pale ales, like Leffe Blonde and Delerium Tremens. Duvel is a Belgian golden ale, and it’s pretty good. I also like Hoegaarden, which is a Belgian white ale. Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is one of my faves, along with Belhaven Scottish Ale and Belhaven Wee Heavy.

Newcastle and Bass Ale are good “go-to” beers. If a place doesn’t have Newcastle or Bass, then it probably doesn’t have anything I’d drink.

I also like Paulaner Salvator and Paulaner Oktoberfest. However, I generally shy away from lager beer.

I don’t particularly like hefe-weizen beer, but I like the white beers and crystal-weizen beers.

Thanks, GMan. I spent two years living in Belgium, and had all those deliciously strong brews, at monasteries, pubs, breweries, etc. For whatever reason, when I returned to the States, I had no desire to pay a premium for them here, and even then, I just wanted cheap beer. On cheap bud numero 3 right now. Mild weather out, but my anxiety is keeping me inside tonight.

Don’t like belgian beers. Fin du Monde, and New Belgium’s Abbey and Trippel are supposed to be good and cheap local versions, but I just don’t like that initial belgian yeast smell. Don’t like porters or stouts either.

Some good beers I’ve had lately: Sam Adams Alpine Spring (very good), Inversion IPA (beautiful), Winter Lager, GI Honkers and Nut Brown Ale.

I like lagers, especially dark, malty, bock beers, which are unfortunately not common here. Might get a sixpack of SA Summer Ale.

While I don’t like Belgians, Gulden Draak has to be my favorite all time beer. Drink of the gods.

Fck Bud!

What scottish beers do you rate? I thought it was all scotch up there (of which i am a big fan!)

I came accross something called Brooklyn Lager which is hot where i am right now.

While I care and respect everyone else’s opinions on this board, I think America has the best beer in the world, i.e., if you look at the microbrews. I have not yet been to Belgium and must admit that what I have sampled from there is superb. This DOES NOT include Stella Artois, you phillistines.

I hate beer. Give me a malibu bay breeze anyday of the week

While I care for you and respect your opinon, Zerobonus, I must now call you a poof.

IPA or bust…

On the golf course, tail gaiting, pool parties (I guess anything outdoors) I still drink bud light or coors light just because I feel it’s more appropiate.

I almost have to stop drinking hoppy beers because the hangovers they give me are 10x worse now

Hoppy? Bells Two-Hearted Ale. It has a perfect balance of hops up front and a clean tasty finish. If I could figure out how to brew it I would fill oil drums.

My go-to is Smithwick’s, but it’s gotten damn near impossible to find it in bottles now (who the f*k’s idea was it to put it in tallboys??)

So I’ve started drinking Beck’s, which isn’t even that good - the skunky taste reminds me when I first started drinking or something.

If I’m looking to really put one on, I’ll just go for a case of kokanee and call it a day - except the more I drank Smithwicks the more kokanee and all those others (bud, canadian, coors, etc) tasted like water.

Love beer, hate beer snobs. My beer sucks? You suck.

Quite possibly the only thing I miss about Canada. I also like Alexander Keith’s.

It’s a country the size of Rhode Island, but it has over 500 breweries. Kinda puts Colorado to shame.

Didn’t until I got into homebrewing. Love me some stouts now and the occasional porter, too. A Guiness is never turned down. Weirder / more niche stouts are sometimes hard to find, but Mother’s Milk is available in New York and is great.

Now that summer’s coming I want to make something lighter. I did a Honey Kölsch like…2 years ago that was among the best beers I’ve ever made. Might even do something with fruit in it, but the problem with those beers is that you can have like, one of them and then you’re like, “WELP, GREAT, THAT’S ENOUGH BLUEBERRY BEER FOR 2013” so you end up giving them all away.

Uh, what else in stores…Magic hat has some great beers. Dog’s Head has yet to make a beer I don’t really enjoy. Blue Point and Brooklyn Beer are both very nice brewers in New York.

Had the Coniston Bluebird Bitter out of a cask tap last weekend. Tasted smooth as milk on silk


I stick to Guinness draught now that don’t drink like a suicidal sailor anymore.


I tried switching to drinking whisky neat to slow me down and keep things from getting messy. Now I just love drinking whisky.

Only hard liquor once I turned 25 years young.