Hot conservative well-spoken women...

Re-post without using the “L word”, and without political analysis…


Still wondering why most conservative women commentators are relatively attractive?

Because most republican women (at lease the hot attractive blonds I know in FL that could all work for Fox news) come from very well to do families. They all have relatively attractive parents and if not can afford to get all the work done to look “hot”.

I think they cater to the audience… “Liberal” news sources are CNN or NBC. People who watch these channels tend to be a different demographic from people who watch Fox News. Megan Fox belongs in Transformers movie, but not Shindler’s List, is what I am saying.

She’s hot, and makes good points.

Carrying around a dog the size of a rodent everywhere she goes though? Deal breaker no.

She was hard for me to listen to because she differs from me on so many of my personal values. I also think she is over generalizing and cherry picking certain experiences with many of the groups of people she was talking about which is frustrating (middle eastern men, feminist, liberal “emasculated” men). However, I appreciate her point of view as it is honest and intelligent. I am glad she speaks out. Some of her points I agree with (people tend to base values on trends and fads without really thinking about if it makes sense) As for the things I did not agree with, I appreciate that they challenge my own worldview. I try to remain open to different perspectives even when it is difficult.

I think she just hangs out with a bunch of pussies.

Where does this girl hang out? If she bounces back and forth between some hipster coffee joint and Whole Foods, then no wonder she meets a bunch of metrosexuals.

More hot conservatives…

Yes, as she says, Seattle…libtard metrosexual capital of the world.

Her own analysis seems to be that it is a cluster of things (not specifically commentators); feminism attracts chicks that men don’t like (sour grapes), who let themselves go because “we don’t care”, and who become unhappy because of their feminism which feeds back into poor health. She’s really quite bright at analyzing root cause.


yeah I am friends with this hot conservative chick - she’s loaded and her family is in politics and dad used to be governor of other state, but she just acts like she’s better than everyone else which is off putting - she’s cool when wasted though - so all good

She’s reading off of some teleprompter you fools don’t see this

^ Ohh yeahhh, I “approve of her message”, whatever it is.

Shocking how some people actually prepare for their Youtube presentations. surprise

She does make a couple of good points::

  1. Feminism is turning men into a bunch of P**sies. I agree with this 100%. Men are too afraid to ask a girl out for fear of rejection. Men have to check with the gf/wife on everything instead of making a decision. Men get walked all over in relationships. Men are less confident and this is unattractive to women. Men are less dominant in the bedroom and it drives women crazy (just bang me dammit!)

  2. The breakdown of the traditional family unit. I do think that most women deep down want to stay home and raise kids. Sure they may like having a career but I think most women do want to stop working and raise their kids.

WTF! What does women having rights, resect, and a strong sense of personal worth (true goal of feminism) have to do with YOU?

" men are too afraid to ask women out for fear of rejection"… nothing to do with feminism… unless you mean women used to not be able to say no. This is, strait up, men being pus*ies all on their own.

" men get walked all over in relationships" if what you mean by “walked all over on:” is “equal coorperation” then grow up. If you mean a woman is being a bitch… then that is just that woman (not the goal of feminism). We don’t want to dominate you, we just don’t want to be subservient.

" men are less confindent… wimpy in bed" SMH! why would women being confident make you less confident? About men being less confident in the bedroom… again, this is personal between the indivduals in the relationship. Feminism teaches men to respect women… not to not have fun with them smiley.

Look, I don’t consider myself a feminist and I find many of them kinda anoying. However, I’m thankful they exist because they continue to fight and raise awareness to the things I take for granted on a daily basis. The fact that I can be a woman and find feminist annoying is testament to their victory. Apparently I already feel I have rights, respect and a strong sense of worth. Thanks annoying bitches! I heart you!

That women can’t see what it has to do with men, says it all. You can’t break a symbiotic relationship without negatively impacting both parties.

yes, but that symbiosis is based on a pre industrial revolution culture where the physiological differences between men and women mattered more than they do now. A new symbiosis is forming… one that may or may not include the traditional family unit.

The thing I hate about equality is that people want to force it but in reality, it cannot be achieved. Don’t know if that makes sense. Men and women are different biologically, psychologically and any other -ally. This isn’t anything new. There was a public experiment where a couple was fighting. 1st part was when the man was the aggressor, 2nd was the woman. You can probably guess what happens. People jumped in to help as soon as the man hit her but flip the roles, and people actually started laughing. If I were to go on a date with a woman and we split the bill, I would be seen as tacky and cheap but we want equal salary right?

And the biggest annoyance of all is that feminism paints men as the bad guys. As if women think “we want equality and it is the man who is in the way of us achieving that”.

I believe in human rights and equality , less so gender.

Questionable. Differences go way beyond who can bench more or run faster all the way down to behavior.

^Plus behavior is driven in part by evolution shaped by physical differences.