Hot damn

Come on, a mugshot is never a fair representation.

I think the mugshot is actually the best picture of her. It’s fine in a “I’m a teacher and I just rolled out of bed” kind of way. She looks sleepy, but maybe she’d just been crying…you know, getting arrested and everything.

If a 30 year old male teacher had sex with 16 year old girl student ,then it is the fault of the male teacher.

If a 30 year old female teacher had sex with 16 year old male student,then again it is the fault of the male student.

^ That’s why men deserve the $1 more per hour. Can’t ask for equal pay without equal consequences.

how so? Was she not arrested and charged for her crime?

I counted 32 that I would have relations with if I was a teenager.

Sweet baby jesus, a lot of those women are really hot. I don’t understand what the thousands of people giving them thumbs down ratings were thinking. We need more – not less – of these kind of women in the world.

I agree. Some of those women are really beautiful. It is a shame they couldn’t find a real man their age to take care of them and had to resort to questionable activities.

male teachers get worse penalties thus double standard


Male teacher would have been charged with rape.

What is also really messed up. A 17 year-old will always be labeled as an adult in murder, but will be labeled as a child when he is a victim in an underage sex. The Prosecution always wants it their own way

It’s because the feminists have won in labeling all men as sex depraved perverts who can strike at anytime.


I don’t remember having teachers looking like that. They all seemed over 50 and had mustaches.