Hot damn

You can’t spell “Saralyn Gayle Portwood” without “wood.”

Do you know how I know you are Indian?

does this stuff only happen in america?

Wait, she’s a softball coach and had a relationship with a boy? Something doesn’t add up.

naren, here you go:

"The big list: Female teachers with students

Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus"

'cause she’s gay.

I had a female boss make some inappropriate advances on my right after I was out of college. Not hot.

If I were a 17 year old, and my teacher who looked like that “assaulted” me, I would consider myself the luckiest guy in school.

Reminds me of the Bengals cheerleader who “assaulted” one of her students.

Yeah. Right.

The best part of the article was them pointing out the student wasn’t a special education student

Thirteen pages of hot teachers (by and large.)

I’d like to reiterate.

Hot damn.

Are people seeing a different picture of Saralyn Gayle Portwood than I’m seeing?

Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Relationship With a Student

HuffPo says that she pushed the 17 year-old kid up against a desk, then forcibly performed oral sex on him.

I’m sure he really tried to fight her off, but she just wore him down.

That’s the pic. She gets you all worked up?

^ she’s better looking than most of the teachers I had in high school.

She’s good enough for oral sex


Some people’s standards aren’t high enough.

Different, not high or low.

Yeah, I think she is a fox.

Slideshow of hottest teachers ever caught banging their students.

Ehhhh I had several teachers hotter than that in high school. I should have banged all of them. I will do that next time.