Hot proctor flirting with me during exam

I was in NYC taking the exam and this proctor was totally flirting with me. She wispered in my ear a few times to take off my cap, was smiling, touching my desk, etc. Granted she was cute but I did not need the distraction. Not sure could have handled all the pent up energy anyway.

haha…you should have asked her out after the PM session :wink:

You should have asked her if she needed her Balance Sheet adjusted.

Tell her you are the mean variance efficient frontier and ask if she would be your tangent portfolio

i made her my horizontal axis

This thread could be epic…

Tell her your name is Brady the analyst, and you’ll make whatever f’in adjustment you like…

I will adjust her without her even knowing about it

You should have licked her discretionary flows for pay back

I bet if you’d have taken a charge to your CFI, you could consolidate your SPE under her GAAP

you’re the most lucky guy on that day, huh :))

you were distracted by your lucky guardian angel?

Maybe she was giving you the Answer to the derivative “CAP” question

Touching your desk could be to tell you want Mr. Bradly was actually talking about.

I think she was offering to sell a swaption on you with that male proctor staring at you in the stall.

lol. he was definitely a receiver swaption.

She wwas interested in my heteroskedasticity

Dickey Fuller

May be she was concerned about your nonstationarity and wanted to perform the Dickey Fuller test


Proctor? Barely even knew her.

you should have checked whether she had a unit root and if she could be cointegrated right after the PM

True, but she had to adjust me for inflation

ah well it’s always the same when you want to use the build up method to value a merger target in an inflationary environment