Hot Reporter Salary

How much do you think these hot classy babes make reporting news and providing commentary?

I’m sure it ranges from national to regional with the former making more.

think they make 500k+??

I think so, those anchors on TV make good money

I think you’d be shocked how little folks working in broadcast news (and news in general) make. It’s one of those oddball jobs with high prestige but very low pay.

throw your estimates out there…i’m going to start researching…women will get paid more than men right superstars aside…

The people on camera on cnbc are making big bucks. They are celebrities and celebrities are overpaid everywhere. The regular people who are interchangeable with any other finance pin head get paid nothing. I know journalists at abc, Bloomberg, etc and they make around 50k. I would be furious reporting on an industry where everyone else gets paid at least three times as much and doesn’t have any specific superior ability (I.e. throw a perfect spiral 50 yards).

It works that way in porn, so I would imagine it would be the same on cnbc and Bloomberg.

bloomberg i’m not so sure about though, they’re not national tv right? CNBC for sure. Becky Quick makes 500k+ with that body. thing is, why would these hot classy babes go into work for little money? perhaps its a way to meet rich guys. what about Amanda Lang on CBC (canada national network). her clothes and appearance makes her seem pretty rich.

^ It’s why some babes going to an business school: the hard core job isn’t the point. It’s to meet a guy who’s going to get the hard core job

I doubt they’re that highly paid. If this is untrue, I spot a market inefficiency. Remember, hot classy babes are interchangeable. Unless it’s like Latin America and the broadcasters have a following of their own.

Depends on who it is. Erin Burnett was getting paid about $2 million at CNBC. Maria Bartiromo is also in the $1-$2 million range. Of course, most people will never get to this point. In fact, most people in broadcasting will probably never make it onto TV, let alone a national news channel.

No, you are wrong. The same rules don’t apply for celebrities. It’s like movie stars. Why would you pay $20 million to have Tom Cruise in a movie, when you can just find another handsome guy randomly?

It’s different for women. Furthermore, men are not solely selected for looks, whereas that’s the dominant criteria for women.

well, markets are certainly inefficient…i spot them all the time…however, i’m just wondering why these babes would do it if its not for a lot of money…they have plenty of options… i’m curious cuase this BNN reporter babe Catherine Murray use to be high up in ibanking where she could have easily pulled in 250k+…

You don’t think being on TV is incentive enough? If you were a hot classy babe wouldn’t you want to be on TV?

idk…it certainly wouldn’t be worth that much…so what is your estimate?


I think the real question is how many friends on Facebook does a Becky Quick or a Maria Bartoromo have? After all, this is real life isn’t it?

I ran into Betty Liu once when I was at the Bloomberg office. I pulled a Mclovin and asked her what time it was… I don’t have an issue with the crappy job that most of the anchorwomen at Bloomberg and CNN do and get big ass salaries, since the men don’t really do any kind of better job. There’s way too much focus on price targets and what’s the next hot stock. Most of it is just windowdressing, so I don’t mind keeping the Bloomberg channel on mute all day when I’m at the office, except when Bernanke talks.

I got rejected by a so so classy babe in the elevator earlier…she said it all with her body language…i think she knew i was scooping her out…

My wife is a journalist and used to work for Bloomberg. She got to the last round interview (her against some other girl) for the Bloomberg Channel but didn’t make the final cut. Through her journalist connections we knew a girl who did the celebrity gossip stuff for Sky News (you would see her all the time if you watched that channel). Both the above jobs were not high paying in any way (<=$100K). At this level these people are fairly disposable, so they don’t make much money. In Australia we have this guy on TV who comments for one of our big banks, he gives the market wrap and economic analysis and stuff. What’s funny about this guy is that apparently he doesn’t know the first thing about finance (my boss used to work at this bank), he’s just hired actor pretending to know what’s going on based on a script and prepared Q&A he is given every day.