Hotel: Marathon Study Weekend - April 10,11,12

bannisja Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > reporting for duty. i’m going to have a bit of a > grab bag weekend. i woke up and my heart says do > fixed income right now, so i’ll tackle a few > questions this morning. derivs, econ, and PM > questions will be done this weekend as well. a > popourri of cfa goodness coming my way starting… > NOW. I can’t wait to see your post that says “pass” in August, banni - will be well earned =) (and I feel the same about everyone else here on AF - will be a great day) . . . lets do this

I completed CFAI End of Chapter problems for Swaps, and SS 10 and 11. Here I come SS12. Tomorrow may take test and will solve some Econ problems ( Currency shit is tough)

Putting in 25 hours between now and Monday morning. I told my friends I’ll see them (hopefully) in 2011.

I no longer have any friends…

i’ll be your friend ditch. you’ve got one. off to a bit of a late start but walked the dog before the rain starts and went to the dentist this AM- no new cavities and he said “that is a nice mouth” when looking at the xrays. oh yeah. time to get funky with derivs today. forwards/futures and the minimal like 80 q’s on qbank on ss16, here i come.

Thanks Banni. I’m using this forum as a study group and a para (CF)A A group. No one on the outside understands the drive I have to complete the CFA program.

Just realized the test date is on the anniversary of D-Day – yet another example of the appropriateness for using the phonetic alphabet. Every weekend ask yourself: On June 6th, will you make it up the cliffs, or die on the beaches? The choice is yours. Charlie Juliet – over and out.

I’ve lost many friends in last 2 years because of this shit. You guys are my only friends:)

^ me to!

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ve lost many friends in last 2 years because of > this shit. You guys are my only friends:) Yesterday I thought it would be nice to text my friend “Happy Birthday” - she responded with “Thanks!!! Are you coming out tonight?” - I did not want to get in a texting battle of why I couldn’t go out, so I didn’t respond and now I feel guilty again in some way. great. i’m there with you cfaboston

the funny thing about friends + cfa exam is that when it is over, you realize who your real friends really are, because they are still there - the really good friends that will be there through thick and thin but then again, who knows if some of the so-so friends would have become good friends if you had not neglected them for the whole year . . .

ditchdigger2CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ll be wastin’ away again, in CFAitaville! > Searching for my lost BAII Plus! Did anyone catch on that I was trying to sing about the CFA to the Jimmy Buffet song Margaritaville?

^ha I see it now, didn’t catch it on the first read that there was a melody to your time in CFAitaville

1036 qbank q’s down, only 3k plus to go! i’m fading… it’s ethics from here on out tonight. econ and PM tomorrow.