Hottest CFA covers (VOTE)

Vote for your the Hottest Gal Asian lady on cover of book 5 Cougar on cover of book 1 Blonde gal on book 3 Vote for hottest guy Balding guy on book 2 Stern mature Asian man on book 4 Goofy looking Asian man on book 6

how bout the cougar on the Schweser books eye f ing the camera every chance she can get.

Ditto. The chick on the schweser cover pages takes the prize! Hands down…

Since I don’t have this year’s books, I had to Google search for those. I must say, Schweser has better models for 2011. The 2010 Level 3 guy was kind of creepy. He looked like a serial molester.

last years were way better. L2 last year with the elder asian and L1 2 years ago with the Russian on the train

I fell in love with L2 girl from 2009. The L3 guy from 2010 reminded me of Jason Statham, and I committed myself to emulating this guy in all possible ways.

Stern Mature Asian on book 4. No question.