Hours deep into the books

Anyone wanna toss a number of how many hours they have under their belt, and how many more they think they can do by the test? I’ll start… I think I’m in about 150, and can probably swing another 100 or so.

Honestly… I don’t even want to think about it

I’ll cry if I do…

190 and counting (20-25 hrs per week)

5 hrs a day (incl day dreaming) for next 30 straight days …

120hrs in so far… I’ll probably do the same over the next month as well.


I don’t wear a belt and this is too sensitive a question to answer. It makes me cry and piss at the same time.

237 FSA 62 27% QUANT 29 13% ECON 32 14% ETHICS 5 2% FI 27 12% EQUITY 32 14% CF 19 8% PM 12 5% DER 14 6% REVIEW 5 2%

  1. 100 if you exclude masturbation time.

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 250. > > 100 if you exclude masturbation time. LOL

too many for the amount of material i actually know.

So far 132, 195 to go + 6 for the exam.

67 so far and hoping to get to 150 by the end…but how I dont know

lol. why bother keeping track?

250 and counting… should be well above 300 by exam day.

pacmandefense Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > lol. why bother keeping track? So you know how much time you wasted if you pass or to find out how much time you wasted if you fail :stuck_out_tongue:

I decline to answer based on the grounds that I know less of the material than some people here with almost half the hours I have.

More than I want to admit but less than I think I need.

You guys say ure gonna study 8+ hours a day, Id be interested to know WAT JOBS DO U GUYS DO?? Id be lucky if I can pull off 2-3 good hrs on a weekday