Hours of Study Left

5 days left… How many hours do you guys plan on putting in this week before walking the plank?

Walking the plank… that’s a good way to put it :slight_smile:

I’m planning on 3-5 hours p day Mon-Thu, then just read through notes on Friday.

The real question is what do you currently plan on doing Friday night?

My plan is to take it easy and watch TV while glancing at my final summary notes - hopefully less than 10 pages at that point. I’ll bring those pages right to the exam and toss them in the bin as I enter.

No studying during lunch time of the exam, that’s my quite time.

I saw people bringing entire textbooks to the level I exam, but honestly that just leads to stress. As you walk in you’re going to be like “Ahhh, what is Economic Profit equal to???” and start running through your notes and panicking yourself.