Hours Spent on AF

I probably should’ve done this already… but starting today I’m going to start counting hours spent on AF as STUDYING…what say…? oh and personally “studying” while on AF is a MUCH better deal than the Qbank or cfai mock exams or freaking Book 6…I mean c’mon…I get free questions here, free explanations, a dozen explanations rather, moral support when i need it , and free jokes on zimzim and pinkman…can one ask for more?!!

i agree with you, mumukada. I don’t really spend much time reviewing besides hanging out on AF.

Let us hope it works. :slight_smile:

AF is my q-bank. I’ve only used the actual q-bank 3-4 times.

I am down with hay Fever. This allergy sucks. Couldnt able to do much today…just 15-20 pages of SS 11. (Porter and stuff). The whole day gone wasted.