House of Cards...Makes No Sense; Doesn't Matter

With regard to HOC…they are sitting there and characters come in and out with no real explanation as to background, why relationships should be that strong, etc. For instance, Mark Usher and Jane. They just insert themselves and they are suddenly in the inner circle. Doug is smashing every lady in sight, including Neve, without even trying and resembling a gremlin to boot. Some random guy gets a job at the NSA and disrupts the election, and the NSA are portrayed as though they have no ability to properly vet their employees. The Underwoods hold the highest offices in the land, but their crew consists of the same 3-4 people. Where is everyone else? How does Francis have time to pursue fine scale modeling of Civil War dioramas? How does it not get out that Tom is bedding the First Lady/VP?

And despite the lack of sense, I can’t help but being seduced by that theme song, with that beautiful time-lapse intro, the glimpses of the Northeast Corridor architecture and monuments, the pace of the show, etc. Love it.

I found the opening of episode 8 really interesting

Tell me this is not soft disclosure/priming. You’re ruled by a satanic cult. What are YOU going to do about it?

Yeah, the whole Tom bedding the First Lady and news not getting out is absurd.

Also how Underwoods kill or injure beyond functional capability without ever getting caught as if they’re professional henchmen.

I also don’t get the very childish power struggle between F Underwood and his wife, they act without any sense of long term goals.

I found it pretty dark that the First Lady poisoned that journalist/writer and literally had sex on top of him until he permanently went limp … wtf