House of Cards

Any one watch this on Netflix? Good TV.

Yeah, almost done with season 2. Not as good at the first season, but still some of the best TV around.

Brilliant 1st season followed by a dismal 2nd season.

For me the show is finished.

Edit: dyslexia

Agree, how can they continue now that Underwood has retired and moved to Florida to live the quiet life and raise therapy dogs? Completely different show.

Yeah, I feel like they jumped the shark a few times in the second season.

If you’ve seen the British Version from the 1990s, the second season didn’t come as too much of a surprise, though the way it ends in the Brit version is much more interesting and enjoyable in its diabolicity.

Season 2 wasn’t as good as Season 1, but I still enjoyed it.

Still on episode 5 of season 1. Kevin Spacey = the man.

I liked Season 2 equally as much as Season 1.

Loved both seasons. Binge watched both when they came out at their respective times. only way to watch TV shows.

It was shocking and awesome to have that twist so early in season 2. Was not expecting that person to be taken out like that and gone from the show. Made the bf more tolerable though now he was single, but his desperation got a bit annoying.

Felt bad for ribs guy, knew that PE deal was bad from the start.

Agreed with most who said Season 1 was better than Season 2.

Season 2 incorporated too many ancillary plot lines (i.e. the ribs guy mentioned above) which in my opinion made the season a little less captivating than the first.

Its on my list of shows to binge watch post June the 7th, I’ve heard good things.

SPOILER : Now that Frank is potus what are they going to do next season? If they couldn’t do anything when wasn’t the potus, how are they going to do anything now?

Also since when did funneling $25M to a rival PAC become a game changer? Is Tusk the ONLY billionaire in the country?

At least season 1 was believable (until Peter’s death)

SPOILER: Ha ha, one of my coworkers four episodes from season 2 finale saying he could see a season or two down the road where Frank is POTUS. He said at that point, he probably won’t be able to find it believable. I just wanted to say “just wait”

the threesome with Mitchum was the most believable scene from season 2 by far

SPOILER: that was actually hilarious, could see it coming though as soon as they were both saying something along the lines of having to be careful and not being able to have their fun with anyone like they used to.

Question is, does it confirm frank as gay? Because remember the scene at his college from season 1? It was heavily hinted there. He’s definitely at least bi, but he could be gay because the thing with Zoe seemed more about power and domination than lust.

If it follows the Brit version, Mitchum will have an interesting arc in Season 3.

I think it clearly demonstrates how he is a sociopath and engages in things for power, domination, etc. Adds an interesting element to the character

Spoiler: Doug was keeping things in line for Frank. Now with no more Doug, things could get out of hand pretty quickly. Plus, Rachel was really the missing piece for the story the reports were trying to string together. Now that she’s back on the sceen, it could all come tumbling down pretty quick for Frank.

season 2 was darker than 1. slightly less good.

Season 3 just came out yesterday. Due to the production quality of the “serial” style TV shows increasing (starting in my opinion with Lost, then of course the AMC and FX shows), coupled with the universal ability to stockpile shows to watch either through DVR or Netflix, great TV has become somewhat commoditized…but this show is still a standout.

Just went through 2 episodes last night and can hardly wait to keep watching tonight.