Housing NYC Help 2

So right now Jersey is out of the question for me as the prices are not that different if commute is also taken into account .

I am looking into either AirBnb or whatever and Craiglist ,is there anything I should be minfdul of on Craiglist in your experience ?

I am asking because the prices on Craiglist look far cheaper than AirBnb and I’m kinda getting skeptical .As a side note I probably will not be able to actually go to NYC before my work starts since I am busy with school so I don’t know how to work around the lack of foot on the ground inspection for Craiglist.

Craigslist seems to have been ok when I used it, but you should do more due diligence with them, as the vetting procedures are non existent on this platform. It could also be that AirBnB is over charging, since they probably benchmark to short term rates. You should probably first do a high level price evaluation on the unit in question and ask if this is roughly in line with the market.

Also Air BnB takes high fees vs none at Craigslist. How long are you there for?

3 months.

I was browsing through Craiglist and even for up to 1800 some of the profiles looked really sketchy ,they require you to be gay friendly and some other stuff. I don’t mind anyone but just flat out requiring you to be gay friendly is kinda a red flag and believe it or not there was a few places with such requirements.

Due dilligence is kinda hard tho if you are not in NYC yourself.

Yeah that’s a tough situation, I can’t really help you with specifics other than to say most likely grabbing something quickly like that from outside hte area you’re going to overpay to some degree and probably dislike it, so just manage your expectations and make the most of the fun aspects.

Why is the requirement to be gay friendly a red flag? If gay people are looking for a roommate in a shared space they probably would like to filter out homophobic people at the start. Do you interpret this requirement as a thinly veiled invitation to suck c*ck?

Yea I agree with mobious. Gay friendly means ur cool with the gays, not necessarily do gay stuff with me. I’m really good friends with a lot of gays, and though many find me crude and offensive and that I might be uncomfortable with some of the crap, they just think I genuinely don’t have anything against them and some just assume I’m slightly autistic.

Still, if the ad mentioned gay friendly, it probably means the owners are gays and you should try to make them feel comfortable with your application, like write a long cover letter on how much you like the D, and accompany with a photo of yourself dressed as Village People.

On checking the places themselves, I suppose AirBnB can charge higher prices because they have some sort of guarantee against fraud or misrepresentation. That is worth some monetary value since you are mitigating risk.

im sure ohai can rent you a room in his mcmansion, i hear its uber “gay friendly”

^ we all know that Ohai actually lives in a studio in Kips Bay with his cats