Housing NYC Help

So I will be going to NYC over the summer, any tips on how to find decent housing that won’t burn a whole in my pocket ?

Ideally I want to save some of the money and I am trying to get as cheap as I can get but I do have the considerations below in mind:

  1. I could bring guests over for a few nights.
  2. The place won’t be far away from where I work (around new world trade center),so no long commutes.
  3. I don’t mind the neighborhood place being slightly rough or dirty but no bed bugs,rats or mobsters.
  4. Somewhat safe to walk around at night.

Again I don’t wanna get too cheap but I don’t wanna spend a decent portion of my salary on rent. If it makes a difference I’m getting paid 38 an hour which isn’t high I just put it there to show how much I can afford. Any tips ?

As stated above I wanna save as much as possible without living in a shithole or long commute.

dont have a car. live close to work. get a roommie/gf! you can prolly get a small shithole place for 2k/mo! (if split then 1k)!

Brooklyn, STAND UP!

Omg… the summer NYC AF meetup is going to be killer :grin:

SCB - i used to work around that region and lived in Bay Ridge. I agree, brooklyn is going to be your best bet. Park slope may be out of your range but shoot for there if you can.

KMD - how was the sam harris show? I disagree a ton with sam harris but i respect his thought process and for the most part really enjoy his show.

I live a block away. But I’m too busy counting my money to clean my apartment. How about you crash on my sofa in exchange for cooking and cleaning? Just don’t get Uncle Sam involved

I said I wanna save,but not this much though.

I’m gonna look into Brookly

Okay . . . you can cook, clean, and pay $500 a month in rent. Fair?

add a beej and u pretty much got a wife!


My mom said I can come back home for the weekend so I can attend this. Get ready though, I can drink like a fish at sea-level.

^Buckle up for safety crafty veterans

If you commute to WTC, you could also consider Jersey City, as you can take the PATH train to downtown Manhattan. Rents should be cheaper than the equivalently far place in Brooklyn, but some people say it is boring or something.

It was ok. I don’t think I would do it again though. I love these kind of talks when I am just listening at home all comfortable with a coffee. Sitting in a giant theater is not the same. Also, this was the 3rd night in a row Harris had done this and he seemed like was just going through the motions. Kahneman was slouched down in his chair by the end like he was half asleep! Maybe behind the scenes these guys are always like this, but to see it in person was distracting. Also, these guys were pretty much on the same page with everything and I am already familiar with the points of Thinking Fast and Slow, so the actual conversation was not too exciting for me. In the future I think I will keep podcast to my living room and save the theater for actual performers.

Just out of curiosity, what points don’t you agree with Harris on? Not looking to argue, just looking for perspective.

Politically i’d say we have opposing views which branch out into a lot of ideologies. The biggest critique i have of him is his theory on the impact of nature - that being that almost everyone is genetically predisposed to their destiny. I agree that your genetic wiring plays an important role in shaping your future but he discounts free will to completely zero which i utterly disagree with.

but then you won’t come to nyc

Realistically, rent in JC. At this comp level, you will

be doing yourself a favor

Said I would not argue (lol)… but the absence of free will does NOT mean pre determined destiny. We may have only the illusion of choice while it is the computer in our head actually running the show… but that computer morphs in response to random events that are not foreseeable, to the intentional actions of others, and to its own internal hardwire motive to seek more successful operation. You can be genetically predisposed, but never locked into a specific destiny.

If you really think about it, absence of free will changes absolutely nothing about ideas of accountability or identity. It just means more effective dealing with bad behavior.

Sorry… I felt compelled to say something because this used to bug me about Harris too!

This sounds like the investment process of a CTA manager I once invested in.

Well, there you go… the “choice” to invest was but an illusion… but not predetermined. I’m sure the outcome would be different if by chance the AF community warned you that CTAs are hacksaw :wink: