How is the job market in houston. I am talking about ER or IB.

im asking you houston_08

I don’t work in the industry but the market is good. I know 2-3 people who have been hired by IB in the downtown area, 1 with Goldman and 2 with Jeffries and these guys finance degrees from one of the lesser respected schools in Texas. My buddy does ER at Jeffries and he said they are moving their team to New York. My roomate got hired as an analyst for a Private Equity here in town. As you woud probbaly guess there are an absolute ton of jobs working for the oil companies. Houston is super cheap, you can find 2 dollar beers at a variety of bars across down any nite of the week. Apartments are cheap, I pay 1250 for a 2 bedroom 3 miles from downtown in a nice area.

I lived in houston before and I am planning on moving back there. I am planning on applying there after i take level one. Why you are not in the industry if you do not mind asking you. Thanks

I graduated in May 07 and spent the summer in europe so when I got back I just jumped on the first thing, I work as an analyst for a manufacturing company at the time being.

and tbh there isn’t a whole lot of interest in recent texas state grads…the reason I am doing cfa!

no intersest either for grads out of state of texas. I sent few applications and no luck. I wish i stayed in UH. That is why i am studying for the CFA. Since you passed level one, did you start applying

I haven’t yet, I will probably start after passing level 2. The group of people I hang out with are well connected in the industry so hopefully it won’t be too difficult when the time comes.

after you get your hook up, then hook the brother up when i move back there next year.

no prob man my email is samtuley@gmail.com

cool man. I will send you an email so we can keep in touch. thanks

Houston_08, For b-schools- I know the overall ranking could be say : UT- Austin Texas A&M SMU- COX Are recruiters in ER & IB recruiting from these schools ?

UT is the place to go in Texas and where I would have gone if not for the stupid top 10% rule. UT is the most heavily recruited by Ibanks for sure. I know of 3 people who got hired from there and now work at Goldman and Jeffries. I dunno if you have to have a UTexas ID to log on to their jobboards but it is pretty stacked with Ibank opportunities.