How about studying without reading CFI books

Shcweser 's contents and sentences are very summarized and abstracted to contain much information with condensed study amounts. But I think it could be a good source of study for having a fast base line of the concepts. I would like to know the study method below is enough or not ‘1. Shcweser readings (over three times, constructing overall concepts) + 2. Do all CFAI curriculum example questions (in the text contents) & EOC without basic texts reading + 3. Moc exam & practice exams or some other quesiton materials’ If there is any problem from this method (major issue is not reading CFAI book texts), what could be a weak point?

Looks pretty sound to me. Obviously, people have passed using a variety methods so this isn’t the be all end all.

SchweserNotes are sufficient for most of the L3 readings. If you can get through Schweser 2+ times you should be able to kill this exam. I encourage you to read the CFAI version of ethics and GIPS though.

Wendy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SchweserNotes are sufficient for most of the L3 > readings. If you can get through Schweser 2+ > times you should be able to kill this exam. > > I encourage you to read the CFAI version of ethics > and GIPS though. Listen to Wendy–her advice is spot on.

for L1 i did only stalla videos 3 times and did a lot of prac exams… schw exams, some stalla exams and all of CFAi available exams for L2 I did the same and failed L2 -2nd try - I did all of the above + review out of schweser Slides 2 times + all of CFAi End of Chapter questions (which i ignored prev time) L3… prolly not too far from ^^ Disclaimer: I am not suggesting any specific provider, nor should this be considered as a recommendation of any specific method to pass CFA. Please use this with caution.

I read the CFAI texts once. Now I am reading the Stalla books but while I’m reading, I have the corresponding CFAI book open and comparing the sections with Stalla to ensure they are not missing anything. I highlighted and made notes all over the CFAI books so it’s pretty easy to pick out the main topics to ensure that they match Stalla. Honestly, Stalla sucked for level 2 but it does a pretty good job (at least so far) with summarizing and hitting all the key points for level 3. I’ve only read the first Stalla book so 3 more to go. I will let you guys know how consistant it is once I’m done. After that, hitting the practice the exams with the remainder of the time I have left.

Sorry didn’t answer your answer. If you have the time, I would read the CFAI books at least once but again I don’t think it’s mandatory. You just have to pay attention to every single word of the Shcweser material because it is all revelent. Not that the CFAI text isn’t but they have a long winded answer for everything. The only thing is, I never heard or met anyone who read the CFAI books and failed…Just some food for thought.

Some readings in Schweser are better correlated to the cfai material than others. The risk with your strategy is you are banking on schweser to adequately cover the tested topics come exam day. I completely disagree with the statement on killing the exam if you go through schweser twice. Although if Wendy meant covering schweser twice in addition to doing the EoC CfaI questions and reading the real GIPS I agree more with that viewpoint. Personally, I feel cfai started producing their own textbooks for a reason and they purposefully test to that.

CFAI didn’t create shit. They just repackage previously written books into one “CFAI” book in a half-assed patchwork and they do it to profit. I can’t say for LIII what will work, but I barely cracked the CFAI books for I and II, and killed both (though i studied a ton, and did read ethics from CFAI).

Yeah, SkipE99 is correct. The point that I should have made was that reading SchweserNotes ONCE is plenty. Many candidates barely manage to get through even just those before the exam. Rather than reading Schweser a 2nd or 3rd time, you should instead invest that effort in reading the CFAI texts, doing the CFAI end-of-reading problems, and (especially) doing mock/sample/practice exams. The SchweserNotes alone will prepare you for much of the exam, but will not adequately prepare you for the IPS problems, which are worth a big big chunk of points on the exam.

I think this strategy works well if you’re familiar with the topic. I go through the LOS per reading to determine how much I already know and apply your strategy if I am somewhat familiar with the topics. Otherwise I read the CFAI. Reading the Schweser notes only for topics I am not familiar with doesn’t work for me.

Obviously, I have never passed L3, but from what I learned at 2, if you can get through and understand every single (or a substantially passing amount) CFAI EOC question , the test will be no surprise… The Key, to me, is CFA questions, how you arrive there is irrelevant, they will till you what you need to know…