How am I doing?

I am getting a feeling that I may be slow, I am reading in this forum that people have started on mock exams! I am into revision and over with Econ, Quants and 25% of FRA. Am I doing alright or do I need to pace up?

I started revising 2 days ago and covered 25% of FRA. Thats it. does that make you feel better? :slight_smile:

Thanks Ravinsu… I am planning to start doing mocks from 20th of Nov? I am guessing it wont be too late…any thoughts or advice?

I still have to finish 50% of FRA and do all ethics. Hope to be done by early next week. Then i can start reviewing. and taking the mocks. Does that make you feel better?

All 3 of you are going to fail. Does that make you feel better? I’m kidding. I have no idea where anyone should be at at this point. I just finished reading all the Readings today and plan on doing questions everyday until the exam and I still feel like I’m behind at least a week. Everyone’s ability to retain info is different depending on your study methods. If you’re not sure how you feel, take a mock exam and see how you feel about everything you know so far. 20th of November seems a bit late to me to start doing questions though.