How am I doing???

Quick question: How is a schweser exam average for book 1 of 70% ??? is that good??? should I be happy??? or is the exam a lot harder??? How comparable would you say the schwesser exams are to the real deal??? (couldnt find a thread that helped me with this) Thankz for the help

From my experience with Level I and stories I’ve heard about L2, you should aim for a bare minimum of a hard 80% on Schweser exams to have a shot. This is because they are slightly easier, they are formatted differently and tend to use more concept-heavy questions, and because the stress of exam day can make things a little trickier mentally.

I agree 80% is my target

Dont worry. I took the first half of Schweser I exam and got a 73%, will do other half in a bit… From every test ive taken preparing with Kaplan/Schweser, i have found the actual exam to be easier than the practice exams (have prepared for Series 7, Series 66, Life and Health Insurance, and CFA LI). Doesnt mean that this is the case with LII, and i wouldnt be surprised if it inst. But 70% means your right there. You got three weeks now, go over all you weaknesses and review review review. Im planning on suffering these three weeks, hoping itll pay off come late July.

Yeah I felt way OVER prepared after I took Level on in December. The Kaplan Tests are much more difficult, IMO, than the Mock CFA or the actual…

I had Schweser for the CFA L1 and I also felt that the exams were harder than the actual exam, but I have been reading that for L2 is the other way around Schweser is easier than the real thing, this is what is worrying me… so thats why I am asking…