How are people reviewing their weaknesses?

About 6 weeks left, was wondering how people are reviewing areas they haven’t done to well on?

I’m planning on re-doing the questions I got wrong but I was really debating if I wanted to re-read certain sections. I feel like that may be a waste and I will get more value doing problems.

What are your plans?

I read again the reading in full for area where i feel weak .

I know what i am looking for in the second reading so I feel like it is very efficient ( i take notes once again, even if i took notes on the first reading)

I think there’s definitely value to reading the sections again. That’s what I’ll be doing. I think doing questions is useful to solidify knowledge, but reading is like casting a wider net whereas doing problems and then referencing the book is more like spot treating your weaknesses. I feel like this is particularly true for IPS questions, where themes and motifs are more important than case-specific answers.

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can anyone pls comment, if one has time crunch and has left with practice of half AM mocks and PM item sets . Second read or questions are more wortahble??

I review Blue Boxes in the CFAI books if I’m on struggle street for a certain topic

I like how I can review stuff in blue boxes multiple times, seemingly know the material cold, but then they ask the question in a different way on a mock exam and it’s like I never learned it in the first place. Happens all - the - time. I have no idea how to fix that kind of issue.

I know every single gift/bequest formula by heart but can never apply them correctly in an exam format for some reason (absent the most simple accrual or wealth tax formula). When I read the explanation it makes total sense but I’m not to the point yet where I can easily apply the correct formula given that they seem to change the nomenclature in the problems constantly.

Per Ag’s suggestion, I’ve been getting laid. Seems to be helping.


Im constantly doing problems. If I find an area, I’m weak, I go back to the material.

I love how people are questions about review, when all I want to do is get to review.

Knowing how to work on weak areas is not a problem. Finding the time to work on weak areas, now that is a problem.

I have to stop being so lazy. cheeky

How do you guys find the time? I am still on the second Schweser reading and have at least three weeks to start Mocks.