How are Schweser flashcards?

I’m considering adding Schweser flashcards for Level III to go along the PremiumPlus lesson. Can somebody describe what the cards are like – is it just Secret Sauce divied up? How many cards are there? Thank you!

I don’t know about LIII, but I made the mistake of purchasing them for LII (work payed for it so alls well that ends well I guess)… I went through them once and felt that the information was surface level at best. There wasn’t really anything that helped me personally “click” with the material. I know it has been said plenty over the years, but nothing beats your own notes/notecards in terms of helping you really grasp and retain the topics.

Writing is a critical part of level III so you might wanna make your own cards.

Write your own cards, hands down. Fight the urge to begin too early as you’ll likely overdo it. Wait and focus on making cards on weaker areas and drill them in. Good luck.

I bought them in level 2, huge waste of money. All they are is the end of reading summaries in Schweser put onto notecards. You definitely want to make your own. Best of luck!

There are three steps involving flashcards:

  1. Write them.
  2. Throw them away.
  3. Repeat.

Seems like the consensus recommenation is to not get the flashcards. I did make my own notes for L2 and they served me well, so I will do the same for L3. Thanks y’all!

Firstly, all you need are the Schweser books and you will be fine. None of this Premium Plus bling bling nonsense.

Secondly, you really need to enjoy the summer. Go to the beach, have a beer, chill out.


Very sound advice, counsel.