how are the final readings of FRA (R22,23,24) tested in the exam?

Will they come up as an entire itemset or are they just the sub questions?



come one bro, as a charterholder I was expecting you to give a good insight

where does it say i have the charter???..

you have 2536 posts till now, if you havent got a charter by that much posts, do you come to AF just to troll other cfa students?

ooh I sense a fight…bring it wood!

Only a Frenchman - and I use the term ‘man’ very loosely - would relate the number of a member’s AF points to his charterholder status. By that logic, bchadwick, with 9379 AF points would be beyond divinity and you with just under 110 points would regard yourself as deserving to be trolled and you will be.

I bid you adieu.

Alladin 1 - French’man’ 0

I wish someone would answer OPs question

Ever simce i saw your response to that thread about the most difficult readings at LII (where you just blurted out random reading numbers) I am tempted to encourage everybody to not help you.

monsieur woodman, just study it as you would anything else and dont try to second guess too much about what will be on the exam.

sorry bro, i was hoping you would call me out for posting easy I could give you the hard version in my 2nd post…

I will now go back to your post and give my version of difficult readings. no trolling this time.