How Are you feeling, what are your practice test scores?

This test is significantly more stressful in my experience … How I miss Level I … it seems it is just little mistakes that keep screwing up my scores … How about everyone else, how are you getting all the little details memorized? Flashcards were my original thought but that is killing me, I take them everywhere and still seem to mess up … What are people getting on a practice exams. Last year I never really got above the 70s in any practice and some were 65% and I managed to pass. Think Level II will be the same? Some new guys working with me are setting a goal of 85? WTF … I think that is not worth my time but not sure if setting the bar too low will mean I am back with Level II next year. Yes, this is a study break and I am sorta flipping out.

a buddy of mine @ work passed both L1 and 2 on his first attempt w/out hitting over 63 on a practice. not to say you shouldn’t shoot higher b/c i’m sure he’s an exception, but it gives a bit of hope.

Book 6 1am: 65 1pm: 58 2am: 62 Last year I got a 67 as my highest test score and passed level 1. It had to have been by a hair. I promised myself I wouldn’t let level 2 be the same way, but it just isn’t that easy. I sure hope it works ou just like last year for me.