How are you guys doing on the Practice exams?

Is anyone doing the practice exams yet. I tried the multiple choice part of the first Schweser and found it tougher than I expected. Only 65%. Anyone else experiencing turbulence?

65% on your first practice exam is very good. plenty of time to pull that up. i plan on doing one in the next week or so.

I would think on March 20th pulling a 65 is not bad. I’ve put in allot of time and I think I am doing ok and I highly doubt I would pull a 65 today.

i’d be happy with a 45% today - it is still March

Whoever is taking an exam now will run the risk of climaxing too early. Forrest Gump style.

“Whoever is taking an exam now will run the risk of climaxing too early. Forrest Gump style.” “i think i ruined your roommates’s bathrobe”

Just did the 3rd morning exam. I believe that sometimes Schweser tries a little too hard to be challenging and makes some questions with some less than coherent answers. I found to be some of the issues in GIPS to be out of wack. I also found the very last question to be very confusing. I am not even sure if it is correct.

how will you do say in the second week of May is the question.

I just took the morning session of Schweser Volume 1 this morning. There were some questions where I didn’t know what they were asking for (e.g., question on on the 6 due diligence factors related to buyout funds). Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the results. I didn’t do any formal tabulation, but I estimate the number of correct marks to be in the 50-60% range. Most importantly, I had the IPS question practically spot on. Its just a matter of focusing more on some of the other areas.

i scored 108%. But i made up a couple of really hard extra-credit questions and gave myself bonus points if I got them right. you really have to push yourself on this one.

Just put down a 45% on the morning session of practice test #1. I’ve still got alot of work to do! Anyone else in the same boat?