how are you guys finding the secret sauce

I feel like its helping me a lot with portfolio management and derivatives, however they did leave out some things i think should be in there. Nothing about economic pension expense??

Have only really read over it for ethics and equity…seems par with Level 1. I am a very big fan of Secret Sauce-think it is the best thing to be going over leading up to the exam.

i read it during my lunch time and also during commuting. Good to keep basic concepts fresh.

I read the entire thing this past week. I found it very helpful and it will be more helpful going forward. Any L3’ers out there care to comment on their thoughts re: Secret Sauce for L2? Thanks.

The Secret Sauce is great. I’ve been reading it on the train, plane and anywhere else you can think of.

Is the secret sauce 2010 fundamentally different from 2009 except for the skipped taxes readings? e.g. is the old secret sauce usable or should I order 2010 version?