How are you guys improving from Mock tests to the next?

I took my first Schweser Mock last week and i got a 67.5% so reviewed the things i got wrong and a couple of more things and today i took my second mock and did horribly got a 60%, i felt that it was harder, i dont know maybe i was tired but i wanted to know what are you guys doing after the exam to get better at the next and if its working.

Hopefully you’ll get a couple good viewpoints on this, but this has been my strategy and I feel it’s effective:

On Saturdays I sit down to a full 6-hour practice test from Schweser (tomorrow will be CFAI mock).

Sundays I sit down to a detailed review of not just wrong answers, but every question on the test. This ensures cursory reviews of material that I may need some practice on so I’m not just ruling out wrong answers on those questions but, rather, choosing what I know to be the right answer in addition to those question I got wrong and material I clearly need to review.

After Sunday I choose two-three study sessions I need the most work on and just drill them down for 3-3.5 hours every day Monday through Friday.

Rinse and repeat.