How are you guys planning to review past material while studying?!?!

Seriously, this incredibly concerning for me. I have everything planned out as far how many pages I need to have read by each week in order to get through the entire curriculum on time, but I have nothing set in stone about how to revist past material so I don’t forget a lot of what I studied.

How are you guys planning on solving that issue? Do I set aside one day of the week for review? That would be hard for me to do because I am worried that I am falling behind on NEW material. I do questions on Qbank here and there, but Qbank questions seem to be oversimplified and what I do remember about past material usually gets me 80’s on Qbank. But, if I go to EOC questions and try to answer some of their long-wordy/conceptual questions… then I feel no where near as strong about the concepts.

Suggestions/help? This is seriously the biggest concern/issue I have right now and I need some advice, BAD!

Any tips? Anything that works successfully for you guys?

Don’t quote me on this because I haven’t taken the test yet but here is what I do:

Right now, I have my schedule planned so that I have one study session per week. Saturday - Friday. If I finish the particular study session early, say on wednesday, then I’ll use Thursday and Friday to review old material. The material I choose will be guessing on which ones are more important. For example, in economics I’ll make sure that I understand how each market structure works and monetary/fiscal policy.

I plan to finish all 18 study sessions with 6 weeks left until the exam. The remaining 6 weeks will be all review. LOTS of problems, especially redoing all the EOC and mocks.

I don’t know what your background is but I just finished my business undergraduate with a concentration in finance so a lot of this stuff is review for me (I did forget some material).

Just do Scswer q bank and ELan q bank and target 80% score in those. You are done

I am pretty much in the same boat, in my last year as a finance undergrad, but a lot of stuff can be relatively new (formula’s and arguments). I guess I’ll have to speed up my reading to do the same - allow a lot more time for practice. I now have 3 weeks set aside (after finals and graduation). I’ll aim for 5-6… hopefully finals don’t get in the way. It’s my last semester, I have a job… who cares about grades, right?..

I find the best way to review material is to do the following:

  • Make small notes next to each LOS about the main important points.
  • Attempt EOC’s of each LOS, marking those which seem very diffucult or which I got incorrect.
  • After complete 2 areas, i.e. Corp finance and Equity, I take a day out, review each LOS comments that I made, and also take a look at the EOC’s which I marked earlier.

After review, I move on to the next topic area.