How are you guys scoring on Book 6 exams and how do you feel about it?

My friend who passed the exam in June was getting high 60’s and I guess that was enough. I am scoring in the low 60’s and it has me worried, where do I find those extra ten points. Of course there is some time left for improvement so I am trying my best to hit the weak spots. I also figure if I score the best in ethics and FSA that should increase the chance of passing. What are your strategies? -Good luck all

>What are your strategies? Learning the material! Where are you losing the marks? Focus on those areas.

It looks like I do best on FSA and Ethics consistently, but the other sections it all depends on the question asked. They ask such small details that its frustrating, because you can’t remember it all. I don’t know if you guys feel the same way or not. Some of the questions seem like give me points, but you had to read that part and remember it, and it may not show up on the next exam. Anyone think book 7 is a lot harder then book 6 questions?

i got 65% on the morning exam on book6 exam 1. i made some stupid mistakes that i hope i wont make on the real test… Hows the outlook of only 65% score?

I’m on the same page as u r Ancientmtk. Getting between 65 to 70 on book 6. I don’t think I’m very hopeful of myself. God forbid - but if I have to take it again in June’08, I’m gonna brutally kill the exam.

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oh man…another econ question ^

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i just did book 6 exam 1 am and got 65%. really thought i would score higher - so i am unhappy about that! going to take the pm one tonight…

Exam 1 am - 65 Exam 1 pm - 68 Exam 2 am - 74 I like my trend… Although exam 2 am seemed a little too easy.

are you guys finishing the exam within the 3 hours time constraint?

Nice going 128 nigel, keep moving in that direction. I seem to finish on time but I have to take a 5-10 logical guesses as Im going through the test. Here is a good thing I can suggest. On the exam once you read the question make sure you select some type of an answer, by placing a dot that will indicate to you that it was a logical guess. Then if you have time you can come back and look over it again, if not with 5 minutes remaining you go in and start shading in the dots. I am scoring in 60’s still on all of book 6 exams and I don’t know what that means. What are my chances?

Ok, this is really strange… I started doing Book 6 this week (after going through 2/3 of Book 7). Monday: Book 6 Test 1 Morning - Found Easy - 83% Tuesday: Book 6 Test 1 Afternoon - Found Hard - 83% Wednesday: Book 6 Test 2 Morning - Found Easy - 83% What are the chances???

I hope they are good because I am around that score… I found Test 2 pm to be the hardest so far… haven’t taken the 3rd

Ive finished with about 10 - 15 minutes to spare on each. I wish performance tracker showed what percentile you finish in for each test. Would be a lot more useful than that bar chart.

finished exam 1 from book 6… AM 83% PM 77% both times i totally screwed asset valuation, so i at least know what to focus on… it sucks how they dont give you answers in the book though

always between 70% and 75% on all book 6