How are you guys studying for ethics?

Ive done eveything so far except ethics…i plan on doinf cfai eoc and reading the handbook and whatever is in the practise exams.


i just do as many practice problems or Q bank for ethics as i can find…last year i thought i crushed ethics but got 50

any help would be appreciated also.thanks

CFAI had worked for me all cases and problems are enough and I have gotten good scores

supersharpshooter Jan 15th, 2009 6:13pm

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I have constructed something called a “STUDY CAVE” located in a dungeon underneath my house. To start off, I come into the room, put on my study robe and CFA underwear, and light up a ceremonial incense made with sacred oils from India. This will set the atmosphere for the “STUDY SESSION.”

I then open with a chant: “Heya heya C-F-A heya heya C-F-A” - repeat the number of times corresponding to the study session #. This chant has to be repeated every time the ceremonial incense goes out and is re-lit. You can also repeat it while you study for extra power. However, if the # of chants is not corresponding to the SS you will hurt your chances!

By this point you should be entranced and deeply absorbed in the material. When you come out of the CFA study trance you you MUST dance AROUND the table (improvise) going around the number of times corresponding to day of the month modulo 2. If you do not do this nothing is absorbed.

Finally, you may take off your robe and special CFA underwear. These may never be washed - you have to wear them every time you study, for the CFA material gets absorbed into the special underwear and robe. Repeat the CFA chant the number of times corresponding to the study session, and you may leave the study dungeon.

Hope this helps.

Pretending to be a bad guy and make $ in an ethical way could help sometimes. :slight_smile:

Im not sure why everyone struggles with Ethics so much. My study plan is the same as last year, I wait until like 2 days before the exam, answer all the EOCS once and done…I have a fail of L2 under my belt and an L3 fail (all of which I had greater than 70% on ethics) so this is my 5th pass at the same old tired ethics material…at some point, it just sinks in, does it not?

Good luck to those strugglers, my struggles are with like 10 other areas but not this…

I don’t do any ritual, but I do put on my robe and wizard hat

If you’ve passed level I and II, then the first half of ethics is kind of repetitive. The second half is bloody torture, because it’s mostly a reordering of the first half with a bunch of little changes thrown in which will get tested on.

What I found useful is to read the discussions on ethics in the CFAI Mag…At least you have real practical cases and not those quickly-prepared-while-waiting-in-the-line by the writers.

My strategy with I & II was to leave ethics including GIPS (Level II) till the end. The reason being I think the rest of the curriculum is about building intuition where the ethics material is just a memorization exercise. I hate to admit it but my memory is not the best so the closer to the exam the better. I usually spend about 30-40 hours on this material in the final 2 weeks. I hope it works this time as I have not changed my strategy. I do appreciate that the ethics material including GIPS is a lot larger than in previous exams so I will need to allocate more time towards the end. I scored >70 on both exams for ethics.