How are you planning on studying GIPS?

How is everyone planning to study GIPS? Thanks.

I plan on reading it.

I have left GIPS, BRICs, Corporate Governance and Ethis for the last few weeks.

In the mean time, I am trying to cover all the other readings as much as I can …

Reading and doing the EOC questions. Looking to survive the item set and get at least 4/6 questions right. The CFAI can keep their points and I will take mine.

It could be an essay though, in which case we’d have to know it pretty well. Hoping it’s an item set though.

At first, I plan on cursorily reading the Schweser material and then attempting the questions at the end of Schweser chapter. If I do reasonably well, I will attempt the CFAI EOC on GIPS. If not, go over GIPS schweser stuff a second time around.

Sometimes I played GIPS mp3 on my way to work, never listened to it on my way home.

Schweser MP3s. Should be a fun commute home the next 46 days

GIPS looks a nightmare. There looks to be around 500 separate things to remember.

I have gone through the Scwheser notes and made my own brief notes.

It looks like the required disclosures are key. Looking at the available mock exams there is an item set question, which I think everyone is praying for.

I found the 6 item set questions easy and got them all right with about 3 minutes of work.

I just hope it will be this easy in the exam.

i will re-read this section and do EOC.

but i am also considering sending a copy of the material to the US State Department and making them aware of the fact that this global requirement for people to read and memorize GIPS is, in fact, a violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture

Yes Sir. Thank you. I will second your motion. :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, the US didn’t sign the agreement so you’re out of luck!