How are you planning to improve your studies ?

Everybody do mistakes while studying …but important is whether you realise what you did wrong? if yes then how are you planning to improve it ?All suggest how you study and why you study so I did big mistake by taking derivatives lightly in my level 2 …for which i am badly regreting…ofcourse i am going to take revenge on derivative …i am planning to study some author books on derivative subject …authors like hull …try to learn A-Z of derivative and fixed income …one of positive things from my failed result in level 2…that i am going to learn derivative and fixed income in depth another mistake i done which i realised one month before exams thats in may …i actually found theory part easier than level 1 …so i started to take things lighly only realising in may how wrong i was…level 2 is exam of how well you can apply things which you have learn …so when i started to solve sums from question bank …i realise how difficult they are …i believe most of level 2 students will aggree with me on this … so this time i am planning to solve 100% of question bank and will also solve CFA notes back problem

“and will also solve CFA notes back problem” My back is hurting lately as well, how can I solve it?

Its not back breaking stuff just for us, it has left CFA notes with back problems too?

I have two suggestions: 1. Take notes. Writing the notes implies that you are able to take in the material and reproduce it. You will also have a better reference for the specific points that you are likely to forget otherwise. I had 15-20 pages of (very condensed) notes by the end of L2 preparation. 2. Don’t target specific sections to do well in. You want to do well in everything. Do a practice test, and study your weak sections again. Repeat until you are confident of scoring >70% in everything. I would not waste time reading extra references. Hull is far too detailed for the CFA. Instead, I suggest reading the CFA/Scweser material again and again and again. Twice should be the bare minimum. Three times or more would be ideal. The CFA exams are easy if you memorize the information. There is no way to beat a brute force test by “studying smart”. You need to just throw in the hours and pound it into submission.

using self made flash cards

Not eat that much while studying. :slight_smile:

I’m going to keep working out this cfa season … I think it will help me retain info and focus better …

daviskr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m going to keep working out this cfa season … > I think it will help me retain info and focus > better … Just stop when you switch into higher gear though.