how are you planning to review over the next 3 weeks?

have done over 1500 qbank questions so far (with a % of about 68% - including earlier on when scores were much lower). also done the schweser exams and found these fairly unrepresentative of CFAi questions. ve done the CFAi 3 samples and am reading secret sauce again – just wondering what methods of reviewing others are doing?

Done the CFA samples and reviewed my errors…next step is CFA mocks…don’t want to do them too soon as I will have no more questions to ponder.

finish reviewing my study notes this week while working problems and writing note cards the whole time. Next week: Watch Stalla and Allen Resources Vidoes next week and 60 random Schwesser QBANK questions per night. Take 60 question mock exam on Saturday, and 120 question mock exam on sunday. Review all week (week of the 24th) what i got wrong, then take another mock on the 30th and then do review the week before consisting of re-read ethics and the end of chapter CFA summaries and PRAY!

when you say rereading ethics - do you mean read read CFAi ethics from start to finish, or just your study notes?

Are you guys going through the questions at the end of the CFA books as well? (More the multiple choice questions than the short answer questions)

Am doing only the CFA books questions that are labelled with CFA 2005 only.