How are you prioritising your revision - in which sequence are you revising the topics???

  1. Equity 2. FSA 3. Ethics Which one next?

I have first started with Equity and my last topic will be Ethics, to keep the ethics stuff fresh in mind for the exam.

i started with fixed income, then realised i should have given priority to fra and equity. so now doing equity and fra

I’m with R-man. I take my worst 3 or 4 sections from my most recent mock and focus on those for the week. Yeah, this means I’m always “fighting the last war” because I’m prepping for what was tested last. However, taking weak sections from the mock [as far as sections that gave me the greatest number of wrong answers] means I’m focusing on sections that show up more frequently, instead of just focusing on a section where maybe I did horrendous percentage wise [30-50%] but is a very small weighting of the exam.