How are you scoring on the eoc/concept checkers?

Just wondering how I’m comparing to everybody else around here. I’ve pretty consistently been scoring 85+% on the EOC’s and schwesers concept checkers, except for the cash flow los which kinda rocked me. How’re you doing?

Some areas i’m 90-100%, others 50%. For some reason the statistics section really killed me, I wasted a lot of time in that area but coming back to it in the corporate finance section made it easier.

I am scorning above 80% on almost all areas, but I am also doing the questions right after the reading so the material is fresh in my mind. I will revist them all once I finish the readings.

I don’t think the EOC questions are a great proxy for how well you’ll do because of the problem @gharnish brought up (i.e. you do them right after the material is fresh in your mind). Does anyone ever go back and do different EOC questions? Would be interested to see how people scored on a chapter that you didn’t study immediately beforehand.